GWLPOA Newsletter Issue 5 2018 (pdf)

Weed pickups from piers are every Saturday. The weed transport will start at 9am, make one round of the lake and end about Noon. Have your weeds and floaters at the end of the pier where they can be accessible by the barge. Please, no rocks, trash or branches which can jam the conveyor. Operators may skip any piers with sticks, branches or yard waste.  Harvesters have restricted capability to access weeds between piers, rafts and toys. Leave lots of room or pull them in during the week if you want that area cut. You have to groom your own weeds from the pier ends to your shoreline.

Gypsy Moth has been identified as infesting trees on East Lakeshore Dr and other spots on the lake. This Moth can devastate our trees and should be managed. For more information please go to this site:

GWLPOA Newsletter Issue 4 2018 (pdf)

GWLPOA Newsletter Issue 3 2018 (pdf)

Minneiska Water Ski Team 2018 show schedule (pdf)

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GWLPOA Newsletter Issue 1 2018

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2018 Whitewater Lions FISH-A-REE WINNERS
SPECIE           ANGLER          WEIGHT     LENGTH
BLUE GILL   GARY SMITH      6.0 OZ        8 3/4 IN
RAPPIE       GARY SMITH      1.00 LB    11 3/4 IN
WALLEYE    CHARLIE GOES    3.80 LB   21 1/2 IN
BASS           NICK MUNDING     5.60 LB         21 IN
NORTHERN  MATT FELLAND   8.00 LB         31 IN

Walworth County Shoreland Zoning Ordinance

Algae were down in 2017 compared to a majority of southeast Wisconsin lakes. That’s because we work hard to keep nutrients out. One way is to use phosphorous free fertilizers (zero in the middle number). Another way is to keep organic material out.  A third way is to not release any caught carp.  Throw them in the trash or on shore for foragers.

Do NOT dump grass or leaves into the lake. Tell your landscapers to haul the material away. Let your neighbors who may not have access to the Internet know. Spread the word.


All assistance or questions about the buoys, buoy placement, buoys disconnected from its anchor should be directed to the Town Office: phone: 262-473-4639 or